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Custom Caravan Sliding Window (Free Home Delivery)

OzVan CUSTOM sliding caravan windows are Australian made with plenty of options. Ready for dispatch in 20-30 business days.

Please enter your window size (Width & Height) in mm to see prices. So fill out the HOLE size (cutout size) you require and select further options below.

These Custom Windows include Home Delivery in the price.

CHRISTMAS 2021 - For Custom Windows

Close: Midday, Friday the 17th of December 2021
Re-Open: Monday the 10th of January 2022

To ensure that you receive an order before our close date we ask that you place an order on, or before Friday the 8th of October

Although we will try our absolute best, we are unable to guarantee that orders placed between Monday the 11th of October - Friday the 15th of October will be received before the new year. 

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Delivery Insurance offered

OzVan CUSTOM Caravan Sliding Window

Our Australian made Caravan sliding windows are constructed from durable aluminium, have UV stabalised 4.5 mm thick acrylic windows, internal lock and a flyscreen. These stylish, compact sliding windows are suitable for caravans, RV's, motorhomes, horse floats, car canopies and horse trucks.

* Note: We can make the sliding windows vertical, you just need to tell us if it opens at the top or at the bottom, and its easy for us to change the drainage holes!

* Note: We can only do a minimum height of 200mm if the corners are curved. The minimum height for square corners is 400mm.

 Dimensions (Window is designed for cut out size)

  • Window Depth: 19mm
  • Radius corners - 63.5 mm
  • Flange - 12.5 mm
  • Acrylic Window - 4.5 mm thick

 Customise your Window by

  • mm(W) x mm(h).
  • Driver side or Passenger side window - These custom windows have a fixed panel(at front of vehicle) and the other panel opens to reveal the flyscreen. These are designed to open from back to front(with drainage holes at the bottom). So you need to select which side of the vehicle you want the window for. Right/Driver side or Left/Passenger side window. If you select multiple windows (for both sides of vehicle) you can select half/half and we will provide half for one side and half the window for the other side of the vehicle.
  • Standard Radius corners 63.5 mm or Mitre (Square) corners.
  • Frame: Black or White.
  • Acrylic Colour: Dark, Light or Clear.
  • Fly Screen: Yes/No.
  • Optional Trim Ring (see images). *must be ordered with window as slight modification required.
    **For Mitre (Square Corner) Trim Ring, we cannot supply complete clamping frames. We will supply you with the aluminium extrusion with 100mm added onto your chosen window size, for you to mitre and cut the extrusion to suit your window.**

  • Internal Lock (If you prefer the external lock, let us know in the comments section of the ordering page).
  • Flyscreen included (Can select to remove it).
  • The window extends 19mm into the wall.
  • The overall window is 25mm larger than the hole/cutout sizes displayed. So each Flange (edge) is 12.5 mm.



The OzVan Australian made Sliding Window can either be Glued in with a quality sealant e.g. Sikaflex OR Glued and Riveted in.

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